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How to Get Free TV

A Beginner's Guide to Getting Free Broadcast TV (Video)

Some years ago, I put together a video for beginners explaining how to get free broadcast TV.  Despite the primitive production, it quickly went viral and got over 5 million...

Tube TV

I’ve Got an Old Tube TV: What Are My Options Besides Cable?

While most people have modern flat-screen LCD or LED TVs these days, I still get a large number of questions from people who own older tube-type TV’s like the one...

Mohu Leaf and Leaf Plus

Should You Use an Amplified TV Antenna?

The idea of amplifying a TV signal seems to make perfect sense: if your TV signals are weak, the amplifier will increase the signal levels so you can get more channels more...

iPad AirPlay mirroring

How to Mirror Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV Screen Using Apple TV

One of the coolest features of Apple TV is the ability to "mirror" the display from your iPad or iPhone onto your TV screen.  This enables you to watch almost...

Rabbit-ear antenna with TV

You Might Already Own What You Need for Free TV

What if I were to say that you might already have everything you need to get free and cheap TV in your home, condo, or apartment? Why buy anything when...

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