Use This Hack to See Your Verizon 5G Home Internet Signal Strength

Apr 4, 2023

You would think that displaying your 5G signal strength would be a necessary feature of any 5G home internet system. Unfortunately, the web portal for Verizon 5G Internet Gateway models that begin with ASK-NCQ1338 (see the bottom of your unit for your model number) does not display signal strength. Models that begin with ASK-NCQ1338 do display signal strength in the web portal.

How to See Signal Strength in the ASK-NCQ1338 Internet Gateway

Fortunately, someone on Reddit publicized a harmless website hack that will enable you to see your gateway’s signal strength. This is because the signal strength bar graph is actually being sent to the web portal, but it is hidden by CSS code for some unknown reason.

This hack works with firmware version 222656.

By navigating to the web portal and entering some code to remove the “hide” class from the bar graphs, you can unmask the signal strength meters! Here’s how to do it.

  1. Log into your gateway’s web portal at
  2. Open your browser’s inspector. In Chrome, go to the menu and select More Tools -> Developer Tools. A sidebar should open up in your browser window. A shortcut for this in Windows is pressing the F12 key. On Mac, you can try CMD-OPTION-i.
  3. At the top of the sidebar, click “Console”.
  4. Copy and paste this line at the prompt and hit Enter:
document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/hide/g, "")
JavaScript to unhide the Verizon 5G Home Internet gateway signal strength meters
JavaScript to unhide the Verizon 5G Home Internet gateway signal strength meters
  1. Scroll down to Network -> Network Status -> Cellular section and you’ll see two small green bar graphs representing LTE and 5GNR (for “New Radio”) signal strength!
Hidden Verizon 5G Home Internet Gateway signal strength meter
Unhidden signal strength meters

Armed with these meters, you can now experiment with the optimal placement of your internet gateway!

If You’re in IP Passthrough Mode

If your gateway is set to IP Passthrough Mode, you may have to do an extra step to see the signal strength meter. After inserting the code above, click on Network, then Network Status to make that section appear.

Scroll down to the Cellular section. If you don’t see the meter, paste the code into the dev tool window again and run it one more time. Voila! You should now see the signal strength meter!


Hope this was helpful to you! What kind of signal strength and download speeds are you getting? Please leave a comment below (I’m getting five bars and typically around 220 Mbps downloads). – Brian

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