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I’ve curated this list of the best FREE streaming services online. Enjoy, and let me know if there’s a free streaming TV service that should be added to this page!

Search for Your Favorite Shows Online

My Recommended Free TV and Movie Sites

Pluto TV
Sling free TV
The Roku Channel
tubi TV
Popcorn Flix
VUDU Movies & TV
Requires login
Requires library card


Shout TV
Classic Cinema Online
Open Culture

Original Content

Funny or Die

Broadcast Network Websites

Many of the shows on these sites require cable TV login, but there are still some free shows available if you look carefully. Note, some of these sites are blocked on tablets and mobile devices, so use these on desktop for best results.


Cable/Streaming Networks and Shows

Note, many of the shows on these sites require cable TV login, but there are still some free shows available.

Comedy Central
adult swim
food network
Comet TV
People TV


Documentary Storm
Documentary Heaven
Top Documentary Films
Carbon TV


NBC News
Free Speech TV
Haystack tv
Court TV
NHK World

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2 months ago

these streaming site use to be really good. But each passing month, they get just a little worse…
So much to the point, im not using them anymore

1 year ago

I just want to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorett/BIP which are on ABC and all I can seem to find is “Live” ABC broadcasts, so that doesn’t seem to mean I can watch these shows without a cable log in. They are the only shows I take the time to watch on my only night off work, and once in a while a football game. There is no way I am going to pay cable fees for these shows, so please let me know if there is a way to watch them on time for cheap or free. Thank you kindly!

1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Shim

Brian, it appears I will only get local live shows on ABC, and not nationally broadcast shows unless I have a service provider such as Xfinity. There is a broadcast tower 21 miles away, but no one has answered my question about watching shows on ABC with an antenna. I intend to watch the shows on my pc and the TV is going to be my computer screen (just downsizing). I went to the ABC website and that requires a service provider log in as well. I think Hulu might be the only way to watch these shows, possibly a day after they air. I’ll give that a shot with their limited program at $6.99 monthly before investing in an antenna. Thanks for taking the time to answer me.

1 year ago
Reply to  DMackey

doing hulu. pay for the ads. and use adblock. win
also, tortuga is on the map somewhere. you just have to look. reddit is a great place for this kind of research

1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Shim

Brian, I did buy an antenna and it worked out for me! Thank you so much! I do have a few instances where it pixels badly, and cannot find a perfect spot for the antenna, but it is doing the job.

Mike Murray
Mike Murray
2 years ago

Didn’t notice any Sports Channels (Detroit Sports) on Roku LE. Any Suggestions?

2 years ago


the Vizio model is D40f-j09

I did an auto scan and have 11 ota channels that i’ve scanned but how do I watch them, I dont see a place on the tv screen that shows them. Do I just use the remote to channel them?

Pat watson
Pat watson
2 years ago

My husband and I both have Smart TVs they are approximately 56 years old I am trying to find a way to do without cable I’m paying a lot of money for cable and my husband watches Gunsmoke and I watch very few channels we don’t need all these cable channels don’t even want them I need help

Candace, Curtis Hinkle Hinkle
Candace, Curtis Hinkle Hinkle
2 years ago

Hey Brian, new 50in samsung, thinking of buying a channelmaster 60, outside, with filter, transmitters about 25 miles out, do you think i also need an amplifier with this model, no cable for me.. it also has hulu

2 years ago

Do I need to buy a indoor antenna for my new Roku Tv if I’m using wifi

James Thibert
James Thibert
2 years ago

I just got a TCL ROKU 55″ TV HDR 4K
If I unhook my cable , how many channels can I get if I’m still using wifi

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