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Sony Bravia TV scanning for channels

What To Do If You Lost TV Channels After Re-Scanning

You've probably heard by now that you're supposed to re-scan for TV channels early and often to get the most channels in your area, especially during the "FCC Re-Pack". While...

Mohu Leaf teardown

What's Inside a Mohu Leaf Antenna?

If you follow  my site, you know that I'm a big fan of the Mohu Leaf flat indoor antenna. It gives me over one hundred channels here in Los Angeles....

Sony Bravia KDL-46V4100 remote control

How to Fix Your Sony Bravia TV When It's Stuck on a Channel or Frozen

Last night I was surfing through channels on my TV and encountered a bizarre problem. My trusty 26-inch Sony flat-screen Bravia KDL-46V4100 TV froze and would not respond to any...

Ten tips to get more TV channels from your antenna

Video: Ten Tips to Get More Channels with Your TV Antenna

One of the most frequent questions I get on this site is, "how can I get more channels with my TV antenna?" I have a blog post with my most...

abc7.com text with satellite dish image on top, broadcast TV image on bottom

Proof That Broadcast TV Picture Quality is Better Than Satellite

I was at my parents' home with the TV on in the background when I noticed something interesting: their "HD" picture quality was terrible compared to my own TV with...

TV screen showing no signal

Why Did My Broadcast TV Channels Disappear?

A very common question I get on DisableMyCable.com is "why did some of my broadcast TV channels disappear?" Usually, people think something is wrong with their antenna, but TV antennas...

My home with TV and antenna

My Personal TV Antenna Setup

I wanted to share with you the details of my personal living room antenna setup. Over the years, I've tried many different indoor antennas, amplifiers, splitters, and configurations to squeeze...

Indoor TV antennas

The Best Indoor TV Antenna - The Great Antenna Shootout

I started using indoor TV antennas in 2010 when I first canceled my cable service in Providence, RI. Since then, I've moved to Los Angeles and have amassed a collection...

TVs for sale

The Number One Mistake to Avoid When Buying a New TV

Since 2006, the Federal government has mandated that all TVs include a digital tuner to allow you to receive free broadcast TV using a cheap antenna. This is one of...

Mohu Leaf antenna in window

How To Get More Channels with Your Indoor Antenna

Getting the ideal reception using your indoor digital TV antenna can be a challenging task. It can be like playing "whack-a-mole": when you have the antenna in one position, you...

Channel Master Stealth antenna

Drastically Improve Your TV Reception with a Small Patio Antenna

People ask me all of the time how they can improve their indoor antenna reception. The first thing I do is refer them to my Tips for Better TV Reception...

Chicago TV signal map

How to Estimate TV Reception in Your Area

Readers often ask me are “how many channels will I be able to receive?”, and “what kind of antenna should I get?” I wanted to take a moment to explain...

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