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Review: The Mediasonic HOMEWORX Digital Converter Box HW130STB

If you have an old tube TV or a flat-screen that does not have a digital TV tuner, then the only way you can watch free broadcast channels on that...

Amazon Fire TV Recast: a Slick DVR from Amazon with Alexa Integration

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is Amazon's broadcast TV DVR solution which lets you record live TV using your TV antenna. Unlike the Tablo and Channel Master Stream+, the Recast...

The Channel Master Stream+: A Broadcast TV DVR for Single TV Homes

Over the years, many cable-disablers have asked me to recommend a DVR (digital video recorder) that can be used to record free broadcast TV from an antenna. My pick is...

Tablo: The Best Broadcast TV DVR When You Have More Than One TV

Many people have asked me how to record and play back broadcast TV shows when they have multiple TVs. The Channel Master Stream+ (which I also recommend) works great with...

How to Transfer Your Videotapes to Your Computer

Do you have a pile of videotapes taking up space in your home? Or, do you want to archive your VHS/Beta videos for posterity or easier viewing on a computer...

Recording Broadcast TV with the Channel Master DVR+ (Discontinued - See the Stream+ Instead)

The Channel Master DVR+ has been my top choice for folks who want to record broadcast TV from an antenna and watch it on a single TV. This unit has...

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