What if I were to say that you might already have everything you need to get free and cheap TV in your home, condo, or apartment? Why buy anything when you might have what you need? Take this inventory and find out!

Your Current TV

If you have a modern Hi-Def television, you can probably plug an antenna right into it and start getting free broadcast TV.  Most modern TV’s can take either cable TV or broadcast TV input.  They both plug into the same coax jack.  No external box needed to try an antenna.

If your TV is very modern, it might even be able to connect to the Internet and get low-cost video services like Hulu Plus, eliminating the need for a Roku or Apple TV.  Check your TV’s manual.

If you have an old tube type of TV, all is not lost, but you’ll have to buy a converter box to get free broadcast TV.

Your Old Antenna

Remember the old days before cable TV when we used an antenna to get analog TV?  Well, digital broadcast TV will work with that same antenna.  Check your basement, closet, or garage to see if you have an old “rabbit ear” antenna lying around.  Or, even better, check your attic or roof to see if you have an antenna installed in your home or condo.  That’s even better than an indoor antenna, and you can use it to get modern digital TV!

If you don’t have an antenna, and don’t want to spend $40 for one, you can improvise one.  A length of wire or any metal object can serve as a temporary primitive antenna.  While it might not bring in as many channels as a real antenna, it’s enough to test with.

Your Game Console

Do you have an Xbox 360, Wii, or Playstation 3?  You can use any of these devices to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus on your TV.  Check for other services that work with your particular gaming device.  You might not need to buy a Roku or Apple TV if you have one of these gaming boxes.

Your Old Computer

Do you have an old unused computer lying around?  Why not use it to watch Internet video on your TV?  Most modern TVs have a monitor input.  Simply connect your computer to it using a monitor cable and you’re ready to go!  Unlike Apple TV, Roku, and other set-top boxes, a real computer will have access to completely free video on the Internet like Hulu (which is free, as opposed to Hulu Plus, which you have to pay for), the network websites, and more.  So, recycle that old computer!  Personally, I love doing this because the selection of free TV on the Internet is huge.

Your DVD/Blue Ray Player

In the age of instant video, it’s easy to forget about DVDs.  Did you know that your public library probably stocks a wide range of DVDs that you can borrow for free?  How about swapping DVDs with your friends and family?

Your Unused Dish Cabling

Although you can’t use a satellite dish to receive regular broadcast TV, you can use the cabling that goes from your roof to your TV.  This would involve disconnecting the coax cable at the dish and instead connecting an outdoor digital TV antenna.  This would save you the hassle of running new cable and could significantly improve reception over an indoor antenna.

Well, I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to get free and cheap TV using the equipment that you already own.  You shouldn’t have to pay a lot to watch TV!  Please share your questions or ideas below.  – Brian

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