My Free Broadcast TV Channels in Santa Monica, CA

These are the free broadcast channels that I receive and watch in Santa Monica, CA using my indoor antenna.  I’m not including foreign language channels, duplicate channels, home shopping channels, and other stations I’m not interested in.

2.1 CBSYesCBS network
2.2 DecadesOldies like "Lost in Space"
4.1 NBCYesNBC network
4.2 COZIOldies like "Miami Vice"
5.1 KTLAYesCW network
5.2 Antenna TVOldies like Johnny Carson
5.3 ThisOld movies
7.1 ABCYesABC network
7.2 LiveWellYesFood and lifestyle shows
7.3 LAFFOld comedies
9.1 KCALYesLocal station owned by CBS
11.1 KTTVYesFox network
11.3 Light TVOldies
13.1 KCOPYesLocal station
13.3 Movies!Old movies
13.4 HeroesOld TV shows like "Star Trek"
28.2 KCET LinkYesPBS music
28.3 KCET Link+PBS music
28.4 NHK WorldYesNews from Japan
30.1 IonYesRe-runs of "Law & Order"
30.3 IonLifeLifestyle
34.4 JusticeTrue crime
40.2 HillsongChristian
40.3 Juice TVChristian
40.5 SalsaChristian
46.2 GetTVOldies
46.3 ESCAPETrue crime
46.4 GRITOldies, action
50.1 PBSPBS network
50.2 PBS 2YesPBS network
50.3 DaystarYesPBS network
50.4 PBS WorldPBS network
56.1 KDOCYesLocal, reruns of "Seinfeld"
56.3 MeTVOldies
56.4 CometOld movies
56.8 CHARGEOld movies
58.1 KLCSLocal
58.2 KLCS2Kids
58.3 KLCS3 CreateCooking and crafts
58.4 KLCS4Local

For more details on my personal indoor TV antenna setup (which antennas I use, and where I put them), see this article.

How many channels can you get in your area? Please comment below – Brian


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