What to do If Your AirTV Doesn’t Recognize the Hard Drive “No hard drive connected”

Last updated Sep 10, 2023

My AirTV 2 was working great until I decided to test some other hard drives with it. After unplugging my original drive, it refused to recognize any drives, including the original one. It just said “No hard drive connected”, even though it was.

I tried reformatting the drive in various ways, but that didn’t help. After spending hours trying to get the unit to work, I found this solution which does the trick!

How to Make Your AirTV Recognize Drives

I used the Sling iPhone app to do this procedure.

First, click your account icon in the upper right corner of the app.

Account icon in the Sling app
Account icon in the Sling app

Next, click “Local Channels”.

Local Channels option in the Sling app with AirTV
Local Channels option in the Sling app with AirTV

Click “Connected Devices”.

Click “My AirTV”.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Remove AirTV”.

Removing an AirTV from your account
Removing an AirTV from your account

Do a factory reset on your AirTV by pushing a paperclip in the RESET hole in the back of the unit (keeping the unit powered on).

AirTV 2 Rear Panel
AirTV 2 Rear Panel

When the unit resets, go through the setup process again, then plug in the drive.

That should do it!

How to Avoid this Problem in the Future

To avoid this problem, it might help to eject your drive before disconnecting it (something I definitely didn’t know to do). To eject a drive, follow these steps:

  • Click “DVR” in the bottom menu.
  • Click “AIRTV DVR STORAGE” in the top menu.
AirTV eject hard drive button on app
AirTV eject hard drive button on app


Did this solve the problem for you? Any questions? Please leave a comment below! – Brian

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